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APOLLO GX-A Multi-Functional Precision Balances

Streamline and improve liquid filling and dosing accuracy with the GX-A/GF-A series

Guess what has become even easier to measure? Liquid filling and dosing with the Apollo GX-A/GF-A series built-in Flow Rate Display. When measuring liquid with the conventional method, time is noted with a stopwatch and the flow rate is calculated by checking changes in the weighing value of the balance throughout the ...

View Our New A&D Weighing 2019-2020 Price List Online

View Our A&D Weighing 2019/20 Price List

The new A&D Weighing 2019/20 price book is available online. Have a flick through our catalogue now.

A&D Weighing Australasia at the 2019 AUSPACK Trade Show

A&D Australasia at the 2019 AUSPACK Show

AUSPACK Packaging & Processing has grown to become the leading exhibition for packaging and processing technology, not just in Australia but the southern hemisphere.


Melbourne Zoo is ensuring their Little Penguins have happy feet.

Melbourne Zoo recently introduced a custom-designed innovative health care device to help keepers and veterinarians monitor the health and welfare of its Little Penguins.


Strawberry Tampering Incident

In late 2018, the Australian Berry Industry was thrown into pandemonium with the deliberate sabotage of hidden needles in strawberry punnets. As soon as reports of needle contamination emerged, A&D Australasia was able to act swiftly and provide assistance and inspection systems to farmers and packing facilities affected by this sabotage.


X-ray inspection can help your business

X-ray systems protect brand image and improve reliability, ease of operation, and serviceability. In turn, these improvements allow for future growth and expansion. At A&D, we are committed to a consultative approach to help you select the technology and configuration that is selected for your application. This is important to ensure a proper HACCP program, which helps prevent contamination.


Hazardous area weighing won't end in tears

Sparks in potentially explosive atmospheres can quickly cause a fiery inferno. If you perform weighing in hazardous environments, safety needs to be top priority and your equipment must have the proper features to prevent explosions.


HW-C/HW-CP New Scales

This scale family is designed to integrate easily into your weighing process, and it offers a broad range of solutions for your checkweighing, parts counting, or quality assurance applications.


Keeping your food scales clean

Scales used in the food industry often come into direct contact with the product.


What powers our scales?

We use a variety of electronic components for our A&D scales and A&D balances. Here is a list of the power supply, adaptor and battery behind our products.


Enjoy multi-functionality and precision with A&D’s Apollo balance series

Precision and durability are all set to be redefined with A&D Weighing’s new range of multi-functional balances – The Apollo Series.

what are scales made of

What are our scales made of?

Sometimes customers want to know what their A&D scale or balance is made of. Here is a table that will help you with those queries.


A&D proud to assist the Commonwealth Games

The 2018 Commonwealth Games is just around the corner, and Brisbane is all set to welcome the sporting teams and their fans to commence an exciting week in April that’s filled with pomp and fanfare.


A&D Weighing celebrates its 40th anniversary in Tokyo

A&D celebrated the 40th Anniversary (1977 - 2017) at an event held in the Imperial Hotel, Tokyo on 24th November, 2017.


Accuracy meets convenience with the HVL-CS hospital chair scale

The popular A&D HVL-CS is a purpose built chair scale, ideal for hospitals, health clinics and aged care facilities. The HVL-CS chair scale is sturdy and durable with a large maximum capacity of 150kg, and up to 20g increments for accurate measurements.


Custom forklift barriers to suit all A&D pallet scales

The forklift barriers are a newly engineered product to help protect the load cells under your low profile pallet scales, and can help reduce unnecessary upkeep costs by limiting product or machinery damage.

FZ-i-WP Precision Balance

A&D Technology Reduces Downtime Costs

The FZ-iWP Precision Balance (with internal calibration) brings laboratory performance to the rugged areas generally considered too harsh for a precision top pan balance. Fully sealed against the ingress of foreign matter, the FZ-iWP is truly 'accident proof'.


Precision weighing with EK-i Series Balances

For accuracy and precision in weighing, A&D Weighing supplies the EK-i Series Precision Balances, a range of high accuracy, portable top pan balances. Accuracies in this line of balances ranges from 0.01g to 1g and capacities from 400g to 12kg.


Find us at the 50th foodpro trade show at International Convention Centre, Sydney

A&D Weighing is all set to showcase its top of the line products at the upcoming foodpro 2017, Australia's foremost platform for food industry professionals.


20K Tax Write-Off Ends June 30

Attention small business owners. Don’t forget, there’s still time left for your business to benefit from a $20,000 tax write-off. Start shopping from our range of checkweighers, metal detectors and laboratory balances, or contact us for more information.


Is Your Business Meeting NMI Standards?

You may not know it yet, but your scales could be tipping your business’ fortunes out of favour. Businesses caught with faulty scales can face severe fines and even prosecution.

scale service nsw

Scale Service Technician for Service, Calibration, Repairs and Supply

A&D Weighing can provide regular calibrations and repairs to all A&D products. We can also service and repair a number of non A&D branded scales and balances from the smallest laboratory scales through to large pallet scales.

world record

Dulwich Bakery #OfficiallyAmazing

One of Adelaide’s most popular bakery – Dulwich Bakery, recently created the world’s largest custard vanilla slice. Have a quick read about their #officiallyawesome efforts here.

Australia’s A&D Weighing is committed to renewable energy

A&D Weighing is committed to renewable energy

A&D Weighing the specialists in Australian weighing scales and inspection systems, have recently installed 115 solar panels at their head office in Thebarton, South Australia.


Weighing Up the benefits of the new HT-CL Traffic Light Scales

People respond to signals with far less thought process than looking at numbers. Green means “GO”, Red means “STOP”. With escalating costs, and downward pressure on product prices, it’s vital to seek simple ways to increase productivity. Introducing the new A&D HT-CL Punnet Scale.


See us at Foodtech Packtech in Auckland, NZ

A&D Weighing will be at the 2016 FOODTECH PACKTECH, in Auckland from 11th – 13th October.

SA-Series-Portable-Bench-Scale 1

Precision Weighing On-The-Go

The new SA Series provides a broad range of uses for home, office, factories and even on-the-go weighing requirements. This portable scale comes in three capacities: 30kg, 60kg and 150kg, and can provide four weighing ranges (readabilities) depending on your required precision.


SOLAS - Are you ready?

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has amended the Safety of Life at Sea Convention (SOLAS) to require, as a condition for loading a packed container onto a ship for export, that the container has a verified weight. This requirement has become legally effective from July 1, 2016.

A&D Rheometer RV-10000

Stop Measuring Viscosities The Hard Way

Conventional viscometers can often have limitations when the sample viscosity of the material being measured falls to below 100 Mpa.s. To address this dilemma, A&D has drawn on its proven sensor technology for high resolution analytical balances, and developed a breakthrough alternative to conventional methods with the A&D Rheometer RV-10000A tuning fork vibration rheometer.

A&D Japan has released an Industry first for the Food Inspection sector and it’s Global Introduction will be at the Food Technology Queensland Expo.

Metal Detection & Oxygen Absorption Sachets

A&D Japan has released an Industry first for the Food Inspection sector and it’s Global Introduction will be at the Food Technology Queensland Expo. Read here about our Industry First Metal Detector, capable of checking for metal and OXY ABSORBERS at the same time.


The A&D Weighing Price List is available online

A&D have an extensive range of measurement and testing products, and a skilled local team for automation, system design & integration projects. Our Japanese engineered range includes In-line Checkweighers, Metal Detectors, Industrial Scales, Precision Balances, Warehouse Scales, Viscosity & Moisture Analysers, Data Capture Software, Dynamic Weighing Systems and locally customized solutions. View our wide range of weighing, measurement and inspections products.


A&D Checkweighers Go Global

The sales of in-line checkweighers and metal detectors are going from strength to strength. A&D Australasia, who made their 100th installation last year, were the lone player outside Japan until recently but now the situation is changing quickly. Written by Masa Eto, A&D Company Japan

safe balance

Ensuring safety in potentially explosive atmospheres

This new scale has revolutionized the Australian weighing equipment industry. The IECEx scale provides precise measurements even in hazardous and potentially explosive environments.

Health Telemonitoring

Tele-monitoring system boosts health management.

Staying fit and keeping well is a challenge in our busy lives. A&D Medical has developed a line of products that help you connect your everyday lives to what is healthy. See the Channel 7 News Report here.

simply red article

MUST READ: Government DPI Case Study on SJ-WP Scales

Improved packing shed process increases strawberry farm profits. The payback period for investing in these scales was one week! Read the full article now!


Weighing at the SPEED OF LIGHTS!

With escalating costs, and downward pressure on product prices, growers are continually on the lookout for simple ways to increase productivity. Fresh produce relies heavily on manual packing processes, often utilising casual labour to pack into punnets/boxes/bags ready for supermarket consumers. SJ-WP Read on...

powder balance

Compact Precision Scale Evaluation

Ideal for weighing out powders with accuracy, the HT-120 brings optimum weighing performance to the price conscious purchasers. The HT-120 has a capacity of 120g and 0.01 resolution and comes packaged in a perspex carry case for easy storage.

MPA pipettes

MPA Series, Single Channel Electronic Pipettes

The MPA Series is operated with a high precision stepping motor and also frees users from expensive external calibration services with simple calibration functions (for both volume and weight) which can be performed in-house. With these features users can be assured of consistent, reliable results and realize uniform pipette operation for both novice and expert alike.

EZi-Check Inspection

Inspection Simplified with EZI-Check

The global launch of an innovative checkweigher, designed by A&D Company, will occur on stand 200 at AUSPACK PLUS 2013 on May 07-10 in Sydney. See you there!

scale service nsw

A&D have Expanded to the Hunter, Central Coast and Northern NSW - Ian Weynton

With Ian’s 30+ years of experience in all aspects of Weighing and Measurement, A&D can now offer faster response times to the Hunter Valley & Newcastle regions to support both end-users and A&D Authorised Partners alike.

sw scale

We've just added another scale to our list of trade (NMI) approved scales.

The popular SW Series is a basework, indicator and complete scale range with a protection level of IP-69K. Ideally suited for the harshest environment where even good quality waterproof devices are found wanting.

Data logger

World's 1st Weighing Environment Logger AD-1687

A&D has developed a new weighing environment logger, the AD-1687. This logger can simultaneously and chronologically record weighing values and the following environmental factors: temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, and vibration.

qld floods

Exceptional Product Reliability Under Toughest Conditions

The recent floods in Queensland have provided incredible challenges, to all affected, by providing conditions of incredible adversity. Businesses are returning to find much of the equipment they use, totally inoperable due to it’s submersion under metres of water.

Sean service

A&D’s Sean Poysden on Network Ten TV Program SCOPE

A&D Australasia’s Service Technicians can be located almost anywhere. See Sean Poysden, from A&D’s Adelaide Service Centre, as he appears on the Network Ten educational program SCOPE.

fz balance

New Product Release - The FZ-i Precision Balance

The FZ-i is the latest Precision Top Loading Balance release by A&D Australasia. Following in the footsteps of it's recently released stablemate the FX-i, this new balance offers top of the line functionality at a very affordable price.

ej balance

Exciting New Product Release - The EJ Compact Balance

A&D Australia are pleased to announce the release of the highly anticipated EJ Compact Balance Series. The EJ Compact Balance provides a host of features in a compact package outperforming competitors from a much higher price bracket.