Load Cells

A&D Weighing supplies robust, high performance load cells to suit various applications and requirements. The A&D range includes beam type load cells, compression load cells, single point load cells, tension load cells, shear beam load cells, weighbridge load cells and more.

Browse through our range below to find the right load cell for your application.

LCM13 Shear Beams Stainless Steel

LCM-13 Load cells are stainless steel shearbeams suitable for use on platform scales, hopper scales, bagging scales and all other weighing applications.

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LC-4204 Aluminium Single Point Load Cell

High capacity Aluminium Single Point Load Cells suitable for larger capacity platforms and weighing systems. Capacities of 300kg or 600kg available.

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LCB03 Aluminium Single Point

A range of Aluminium Load Cells featuring a compact design making them ideal for niche applications where space availability is a problem. Capacities range from 3kg to 35kg.

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LCB05 Stainless Steel Single Point

Stainless Steel hermetically sealed Single Point Load Cells suitable for use in hostile environments. Can be used in both tension and compression configurations.

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LC-4103 Aluminium Single Point Load Cell

Aluminium Single Point Load Cells suitable for larger platforms and more robust weighing systems. Capacities ranging from 30kg to 150kg.

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LC-4102 Aluminium Single Point Load Cell

Aluminium Single Point Load Cells suitable as replacements in A&D light capacity platform scales and as components in light to medium capacity weighing systems. Available in capacities ranging from 10kg to 150kg.

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LC-1205 Tension / Compression Load Cell

‘S’ Type load cells suitable for both tension and compression applications. Capacities range from 20kg to 5000kg. Construction materials are aluminium (low capacity) and tool steel. Easy installation and calibration.

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LCC11 Weighbridge & Tank Cells LCC11 Weighbridge & Tank Cells

3 Models available with 10, 20 and 30 tonne capacities. Trade approved. Stainless steel compression canister type. supplied with upper and lower mountings. Easy installation. Low Profile.

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