Moisture Analysers & Pipette Testers

A&D Weighing’s wide range of analytical measurement products offer high accuracy and reliability. Using our highly efficient and robust halogen lamp and uniquely designed SRA (Secondary Radiation Assist) filter, allows our Moisture Analysers to have have shorter measurement times due to fast and uniform heating.

Browse through our range of Moisture analysers and Pipettes Testers below to find a product that’s right for your needs.

Moisture Balance Moisture Analysers with SRA Technology

Our straight halogen lamp and uniquely designed SRA (Secondary Radiation Assist) filter gives shorter measurement time, thanks to fast and uniform heating.

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AD-1690 Pipette Leak Tester

The AD-1690 instantly identifies any compromise in the pressure integrity of small pumps, piping, storage containers and especially micropipettes. Tests devises to 50ml capacity.

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Pipette Accuracy Testers from A&D

A complete test and reporting system for pipette accuracy based on the gravimetric method and complying with ISO Standard 8655. The Pipette Accuracy Tester includes an analytical or precision weighing system with extensive reporting software.

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