Scale Service Technician for Service, Calibration, Repairs and Supply

To ensure your scales, balances and electronic test instruments perform to its original specification, it’s important that it receives regular calibration to maintain accurate and optimal performance. Like many other electronics, tolerances can change marginally over time. There are a number of reasons for this, and while it is possible to minimise the levels of drift, they cannot be completely eliminated.

When your scales or balances are inside their calibration period, you can rest assure knowing that your weighing instruments are producing results that are within its stated specification. However, once the calibration period has been exceeded, it is not possible to guarantee consistently precise results.

A&D Weighing can provide regular calibrations and repairs to all A&D products, and maintain a number of non A&D branded scales and balances from the smallest laboratory scales through to large pallet scale. Our service technicians have many years of experience and are committed to achieve the highest standards for our customers.

We also cover a wide range of industries and businesses including pharmaceutical, medical, food processing, food production, retail, educational, government, heavy industry and more.

Our A&D product range is vast and we offer basic scales suitable for general applications through to complex laboratory balances designed to meet the most precise weighing requirements. We also stock and supply modular in-line checkweighers and metal detectors for your inspection requirements.

If you require any further information or would like to schedule a service or calibration, please contact A&D Weighing today on 1800 241 434.