A&D Weighing celebrates its 40th anniversary in Tokyo

A&D celebrated the 40th Anniversary (1977 – 2017) at an event held in the Imperial Hotel, Tokyo on 24th November, 2017. Over 400 people attended including leading suppliers and customers of the A&D Company both domestically and internationally. Highlighting our commitment to innovation and quality, Morishima-San, A&D’s President, also launched our new tagline ‘Discover Precision’

The idea behind the new tagline – Discover Precision – is to emphasize two core strengths at A&D. One (through the word discover) is our long history and commitment to research & development, always with a focus on innovation, with the second (precision) highlighting the company’s ability to create products (scales) that are reliable, accurate and error-free.

Here’s some pictures from our anniversary celebrations.

A&D Weighing-  Discover Precision