Analytical Measurement

A&D Weighing’s wide range of analytical measurement products offer high accuracy and reliability. Our products measure precision with microgram readability, accurate moisture content and viscosity.
To assist you, we have categorised a few analytical and precision balances as follows:

  • PREMIUM | Ultimate Quality Weighing Solution
  • ADVANCED | Balances for Productivity Seekers
  • STANDARD | Balances for Essential Weighing
  • ENTRY | Balances for Price Seekers

The A&D Weighing analytical balance range offer fast, accurate, precise measurement and data capture for laboratory weighing with 0.001 to 10 milligram readability. With the help of our specialised products, you can carry out complicated tasks quickly and accurately.

Microbalance BM Series Micro Analytical Balance

Static electricity, while often overlooked, can be a fatal source of error in precise weight measurements. The BM Series will help you perform sometimes-tricky analytical weighing with simplicity and accuracy, including the elimination of static electricity.

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GX-A Multi-Functional Precision Balance

The GX-A is the first in the weighing industry capable of evaluating impact loads and you will find many applications for this balance on the production line as a versatile weighing instrument due to its quick response speed and stability.

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APOLLO | GF-A Multi-Functional Precision Balance

Take your laboratory into the factory. This multi-function top loading balances features high speed weighing and settling times. The GF-A series is calibrated externally and has multiple weighing units as well as counting and statistical calculation functions.

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GR Series Analytical Electronic Balances

GR analytical balances feature an internal automatic calibration function as well as an RS232 data output and data logging as standard. Also has unique ergonomic door design.

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HR-AZ/HR-A Compact Analytical Balances

The HR-AZ/HR-A series of compact analytical balances utilise our proven A&D sensor technology to deliver superior performance to all users with fast, accurate measurements. The HR-AZ/A range has 0.1 milligram to 10 micrograms readability and is covered by our Industry leading 5 years warranty.

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GH-252 Internal Calibration Analytical Balance

The GH252 is a high stability analytical balance with automatic calibration. The balance is a dual range unit with a 250gm x 0.1mg major range and a 101gm x 0.01mg minor range.

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MC Series Mass Comparators

The Mass Comparator can be used for mass verification. It displays the weighing results with an extra decimal place not normally found in balances of the same capacity.

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Moisture Balance Moisture Analysers with SRA Technology

Our straight halogen lamp and uniquely designed SRA (Secondary Radiation Assist) filter gives shorter measurement time, thanks to fast and uniform heating.

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AD-4212A Precision Weighing Sensor

To improve productivity, you can create your own weighing system using the AD-4212A Precision Weighing Sensor. The compact design, as well as the separate weighing unit and display unit, ensure easy installation of the SHS at any stage of your weighing system.

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AD-4212B Precision Weighing Sensor

The AD-4212B series of A&D’s production-line balances is not only suitable for building extremely sensitive weighing systems, but it is also fast and surprising affordable.

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AD-4212C Electromagnetic Weighing Sensor

The AD-4212C Series was planned and developed as a product that can satisfy all the requirements for production line systems. The AD-4212C compact weighing instrument is highly precise, responsive, durable, as well as resistant to dirt.

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AD-4212D Micro Analytical Weighing Sensor

The AD-4212D series brings the precision of high-end laboratory analytical balances to production lines/systems with unprecedented flexibility and utility. High Resolution, High Stability & Space saving

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AD-1653 & AD-1654 Density Determination with balances

Density Balance: The AD-1653 or AD-1654 is combined with analytical or precision balances to easily measure the density of a solid or liquid sample based on the Archimedes’ principle.

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Pipette Accuracy Testers from A&D

A complete test and reporting system for pipette accuracy based on the gravimetric method and complying with ISO Standard 8655. The Pipette Accuracy Tester includes an analytical or precision weighing system with extensive reporting software.

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