Exceptional Product Reliability Under Toughest Conditions

The recent floods in Queensland have provided incredible challenges, to all affected, by providing conditions of incredible adversity.

Businesses are returning to find much of the equipment they use, totally inoperable due to it’s submersion under metres of water.

Ian Sheppard of WeighTech (QLD) provided an insight into the reliability and toughness of the A&D Weighing HVG-Water Proof Platform Scale when he was asked to inspect a unit at one customer who had been completely inundated with water.

Ian said, when initially asked if his business was affected by the flood waters,

“Hi guys, Yes we here at Weigh-Tech in Brisbane are ok. But a TESTIMONY to the AND HV-KGL WP Series scales. One of our customers is in Rocklea which had very severe flooding on 12/1/11. Their premises was under 4M of water. I believe it was like that for about 4 days. I picked it up from them on 20/1/11. It was the only scale they had not thrown out. Today I took the back off and found about 50mls of water inside. I disconnected the battery and power adaptor connection and connect it to a 9V supply. I pressed the ON button and guess what……IT STILL WORKED. I even re connected the load cell and it even weighs correctly. WHAT A SCALE!

A glowing reference for a quality, Australian Made, product!