Melbourne Zoo is ensuring their Little Penguins have happy feet.

A&D’s FG series platform scale for Penguins

Melbourne Zoo recently introduced a custom-designed device to help keepers and veterinarians monitor the health and welfare of its Little Penguins.

The device, which includes A&D’s FG series platform scale, gives penguins the choice to voluntarily participate in the routine checks and be rewarded with food.

Watch the video below to see how much fun they’re having!

The device has been set up to allow keepers to weigh and assess the penguins’ feet health without having to pick them up. It is separated into three main sections:

  • A footbath for the penguins to clean their feet
  • The FG series platform scale to weigh the penguins
  • A podoscope with an embedded mirror that reflects the bottom of the penguins’ feet

A&D’s FG series platform scales have high 1g accuracy, with options of floor mount with column or bench mount without column. Features include counting function, comparator function and dual power supply source. It also has an environment setting, which allows the scale response time to be adjusted to suit its location, for example, heavy vibration areas. Models include non-trade as well as trade-approved ones.

Visitors can see the Little Penguins and the new health care device in action during the daily talks at 3:45pm at the zoo’s Wild Sea precinct, Melbourne Zoo Victoria.