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A&D Weighing are specialists in weighing equipment and weight scales. We are proud to have developed and introduced innovative top of the line technology in home health monitoring. We offer a variety of unique products which provide accurate readings to help making health care more effective. Our popular products include Hospital Chair Weighing Scales, Patient Scales, wheelchair scales and personal health scales.

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  • PW-200KGL Patient Scale
    PW-200KGL Patient Scale

    Australian designed personal weighing scale with a capacity of 220 kg. Ideal for hospital and weight loss clinics. 20g resolution ensures optimum accuracy.

  • HVL-CS Accurate Hospital Chair Weighing Scale
    HVL-CS Accurate Hospital Chair Weighing Scale

    The A&D purpose built Chair Scale is ideal for hospital environments to weigh patients who are unable to stand upright. Featuring 150 kg capacity with 50g accuracy for reliable measurements.

  • UC-321 Series Precision Scale for Personal Use
    UC-321 Series Precision Scale for Personal Use

    The UC-321 Series is a sleek stylish precision scale that offers quick, accurate readings. The UC-321 scale (150kg x 50g) has Target, Memory and BMI modes.

  • Wellbeing Scale for Personal Use
    Wellbeing Scale for Personal Use

    Stylish bathroom scale, perfect for domestic or hospitality use. 150kg capacity with 100g accuracy.

  • UC-355 Precision Personal Health Scale
    UC-355 Precision Personal Health Scale

    The UC-355 Precision Personal Health Scale features built in real time clock, internal memory, audible "step off" on completion and visual indication.The UC-355 scale device has been designed to the highest standards with 250kg capacity (0.1kg resolution from 1-100kg & 0.2kg resolution from 100kg - 250kg).

  • Walk on Bariatric Scale
    Walk on Bariatric Scale

    The A&D walk-on bariatric scale (WOBS) has been specifically designed for the safe and comfortable weighing of obese and unsteady patients. The WOBS features a low profile stainless steel platform with high strength handrail support. Weighing capacity is 300kg with 100 gram increments and the clinical finish platform size is 600mm x 700mm.

  • WCS Wheelchair Scale
    WCS Wheelchair Scale

    The WCS Wheelchair Scale is a highly portable platform scale with ramp and is specifically designed for weighing patients confined to wheelchairs.