A&D ION BM Series – Practical Weighing for Micrograms

In the world of precision weighing, even the slightest of disturbances can affect the performance and reading of micro analytical balances. Static electricity is one of the biggest challenges, and removing it is critical to accurate weighing.

How does static electricity affect reading?

  1. An electrostatically charged object will appear heavier, and the value will change as static is dissipated into the air.
  2. When a charged object is near, the static attraction can pull the weighing pan in the other direction, and cause values to drift.

Items such as filter papers, disposable weigh boats, and plastic centrifuge containers can become charged just from normal handling, while charged powders can be displaced and cause cross-contamination.

The A&D BM Series of microbalances can handle even trace quantities of valuable or degradable substances, and comes with a fanless, integrated, direct current ioniser to quickly and easily eliminate static.
As the ioniser does not use a fan to deliver ions, it will not cause any breeze, and therefore allows for neutralisation of even extremely fine powders without any risk of compromising your sample.
The discharge electrode pins of the ioniser can be used continuously for approximately 10,000 hours, and each pin comes with a protector for safe cleaning or replacement.
This built-in ioniser is easy to use – all you need to do is hold the sample in the upper neutralising chamber for a few seconds before weighing.
Another key feature of the BM Series is the automatic response adjustment function, which is powered by the embedded sensors to deliver quick and stable results to compensate for environmental variables such as temperature, humidity, vibration and atmosphere.

Other features include:

  • Enhanced performance due to SHS weighing technology
  • High sensitivity with six decimal place microgram, readability 0.001mg (1μg)
  • One-touch, full digital internal calibration with auto self-cal (ASC)
  • Anti-static breeze break
  • Dual draft rings to reduce draft interferences
  • Removable separation plate to weigh taller objects
  • Industry leading 5 years warranty

A&D BM Series Micro Analytical Balances in Australia

The BM Series comes in several models with various capacities to suit different applications.
The BM-5 (5.2g × 0.001mg (1μg)) is the newest model to be added to the series. As it features the highest stability and repeatability, it is recommended for most users. With an adequate installation environment and operation, it can realise the minimum weight of no more than 2mg. The AD-1676 tabletop breeze break (medium) comes with the balance as standard.
The BM-20 (22g × 0.001mg (1μg)) is ideal for users who require a larger capacity for weighing samples directly into heavy receptacles. Its stability and repeatability, although not as high as the BM-5, are also excellent.
The BM-22 (5.1g/22g x 0.001mg/0.01mg (1μg)) is a smart range model, with a function to weigh in the precision range after zeroing a tare weight, when within the weighing capacity. Although its stability and repeatability is slightly lower than the BM-20, this model still provides enough room for tare.
Other models available in Australia are the BM-252, BM-200, BM-300, and BM-500.
To find out more about the BM Series Micro Analytical Balances, please contact the A&D team directly.