Stop Measuring Viscosities The Hard Way

Conventional viscometers can often have limitations when it comes to measurements. When the sample viscosity of the material being measured falls to 100 Mpa.s or lower, results can become unstable which is not ideal for the research industry where precise experiment results are required.

To address this dilemma, A&D has drawn on its proven sensor technology for high resolution analytical balances, and developed a breakthrough alternative to conventional methods with the  A&D Rheometer RV-10000A tuning fork vibration rheometer.

The rheometer uses two thin sensor plates in a tuning fork arrangement and are driven with electromagnetic force to vibrate at their natural (resonate) frequency of 30Hz. Viscosity is then calculated based on the proportional relationship between the viscous resistance of the sample fluid and the amount of electric current required to drive and maintain the sensor plates at a constant vibration amplitude.


The high sensitivity of the RV-10000A even allows the researchers to detect viscosities around the level of water with unparalleled precision. Such sensitivity for example, allows researchers to find the cloud point of surfactants thus controlling the drinking sensation of beverages.

Compared with conventional methods, the RV-10000A Rheometer requires far less time for the researcher to set the sample fluid, commence their measurement, and to obtain the viscosity value. Additionally, since the sensor plates have a very small thermal capacity, they cause minimal temperature change to the sample fluid upon immersion, which contributes to fast and stable viscosity measurements.

Other features of the A&D Rheometer RV-10000A also include high repeatability even with low viscosity samples, the sensor plate amplitude is alterable to eight levels, easy one-point or two-point calibrations using purified water, real-time graphing using WinCT software and many more features.

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