Enjoy multi-functionality and precision with A&D’s Apollo balance series

Precision and durability are all set to be redefined with A&D Weighing’s new range of multi-functional balances – The Apollo Series.

The Apollo series is an industry first, with the ability to evaluate impact shock loads, making it a versatile weighing instrument with quick stability and a fast response speed. These balances make use of A&D’s innovative Electronically Controlled Load (ECL) technology, which is enabled by A&D Weighing’s Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS), artificially generating a less-than two-minute load between 0.3 percent to 3 percent of the weighing capacity, by altering the equilibrium state of the weigh sensor ten times.
This lets the user perform a repeatability test without the need of an external test weight, which then helps eliminate operator errors and other inherent uncertainties external test weights can have.

Other features of the new Apollo series balances include impact shock detection (ISD)*1 that visualises what degree of impact shock is detrimental to the balance, ensuring users can take the necessary preventive measures. The precision balances also come with a flow rate display (FRD) that allows for simplicity and accuracy in calculations. The balances have cushioning under the weighing pan which helps offset any impact-related shocks, and provides protection against vertical and transverse static overloading.

The Apollo series comes with a 5 year warranty, one touch calibration, reverse backlit LCD display, easily adjustable levelling feet with thumbwheels, multiple weighing units, clock and calendar functionality, a data memory function, and many more advance features.

Interested in using the Apollo balances for your business? Talk to A&D Weighing today for weighing and scaling solutions that are ideal for your business needs.