Balance Scales

What are Balance Scales

Balance scales are commonly referred to as a laboratory balances or analytical balances where the resolution of the balance is generally between 0.001mg to 1g. This makes a balance scale ideal for situations where the mass of the object is extremely small and precision is essential.

Balance Scales

Balances are often used in pharmacies, laboratories, or any other environment where precise results are critical. Some balances can also measure the densities of liquids, allowing you to calculate the percentage weight.

Different Types of Balance Scales

There are many types of balances and scales in the market that have been manufactured for specific purposes. Before you purchase a balance, you should look into the various types that are available to ensure you have the most optimal measurement tool for your needs.

Laboratory Balances

Laboratory balances are best suited for research and/or laboratory studies. At A&D Weighing, our laboratory balances come in four different tiers based on quality and price. These include entry, standard, advanced, and premium laboratory balances.

Some ideal applications for laboratory balances include pharmacies, food production, education, and research facilities. You can use balances to weigh in micrograms or milligrams, allowing for precise analysis and measurements. Laboratory scales are very useful instruments and contribute to the delivery of safe, speedy, and reliable measurements. Whether you are carrying out quantitative analysis or any analytical testing, a laboratory balance could be the ideal instrument for you.

Precision Scales

precision scale

Precision scales are typically used in research and development, production control, and NMI trade applications. There is a range of different precision scale options to meet any user’s needs in terms of price and quality associated with the scale.

Precision scales can be used to measure the mass of unique types of objects. With a precision scale, you can measure solids, liquids, powders, and tissue. These precision scales provide a high level of accuracy and have a wide range of weight capacities.

Moisture Analysers

At A&D, we manufacture our moisture analysers with secondary radiation assist technology, or SRA. This produces quick measurement times because of the uniform heating from the straight halogen lamp and the SRA technology.

These analysers feature high repeatability of 0.001%, meaning that users can use them for repetitive tasks with confidence. A&D Weighing’s moisture analysers come with built-in memory functions to store data. There is also a glass window on the moisture analyser to allow the user to check the uniform heating.

Pipette Testers

Warehouses and shipping or freight environments often need to weigh heavy and bulky items such as containers, pallets, and more. This is where A&D Weighing’s high performance and multifunctional platform scales come in. Our platform and pallet scales are robust and sturdy, designed for various industrial applications, with a low profile design for easy access. Usually configured with a weighing capacity up to 3000kg, these platform scales typically come in 1200mm x 1200mm standard sizing. However, custom capacities and dimensions can be manufactured to suit specific requirements.

Pipette Accuracy Testers from A&D

Analytical Viscosity Measurements

Analytical balance

A viscometer in the most basic sense is used to measure the viscosity of a fluid. This allows it to be used in a variety of different instances, such as correcting particle size distribution, controlling levels of viscosity, measuring the curing process, quantifying physical properties, and more.

Rheometers are devices that can be used in a laboratory to measure how a liquid responds to different amounts of applied pressure. Laboratories use a rheometer in instances when fluid does not have a single value of viscosity.

Mass Comparators

People use mass comparators for mass verification. The A&D Weighing mass comparators use an auto-centering pan that gives a higher level of accuracy to the user. Additionally, the measuring plate has a dome-shaped backside that ensures accurate results no matter where you place an object on the pan.

Case Studies

Moisture Analysers with SRA Technology

Quality Assurance in the Pipelines

A large local plastics manufacturer based in Melbourne wanted a better solution to measure moisture content in their pellets of polypropylene plastic, and found the A&D Advanced Moisture Balance. View Details

Analysing Moisture in Fertilisers

Analysing Moisture in Fertilisers

Neutrog, an organic fertiliser manufacturer based in South Australia, contacted A&D Weighing for an accurate solution to measure moisture content in fertilisers.
View Details

EW-i Series Portable Triple Range balances

Desorption Kit for Volumetric Approximation of Produced Gas
A&D weighing scales included in a desorption kit to save time and effort when measuring gas production with EW-i Series Portable Triple Range balances
View Details

precision scale

Dispense and Reload Gunpowder with Precision
Kaizen Tactical designed their gun powder dispensing system, AutoTrickler, to work with A&D FZ-i series.
View Details


SK-WP Series of Waterproof Bench Scales
The SK-WP series waterproof bench scale is a perfect choice for applications where washing after use is necessary, such as those in food processing factories.

A&D SW Series IP69K Super Washdown Scales
The SW series washdown scales is ideal for demanding environments. Both IP69K and IP68 compliant, it has the ultimate protection against the effects of condensation as well as water.

SJ-WP Series Waterproof Checkweighing Scales
|Besides being watertight, the true strength of the A&D SJ-WP series Checkweighing Scales lies in its high-speed weighing capability combined with its multi-coloured LED comparator lights.


“A testimony to the A&D HV-KGL WP Series scale. One of our customers is in Rocklea, which had very severe flooding on 12/1/11. Their premises was under 4M of water. I believe it was like that for about 4 days. I picked the scale up from them on 20/1/11. It was the only scale they had not thrown out. Today I took the back off and found about 50mls of water inside. I disconnected the battery and power adaptor connection and connect it to a 9V supply. I pressed the ON button and guess what…IT STILL WORKED. I even re connected the load cell and it even weighs correctly. WHAT A SCALE!”

Ian Sheppard, Weigh-Tech in Brisbane

“Wright Rubber purchased an A&D 3 tonne floor scale for weighing freight more than 5 years ago. We have had no trouble with A&D’s product and would have no hesitation in buying more weighing equipment from A&D Australasia.”

Tony Hammond, Managing Director, Wright Rubber in Melbourne

“Aerotrans Australia purchased several A&D scales for our Scoresby production facility in 2006. The purchase process was hassle free and we were impressed with the before and after sales service. Despite the area where the scales are located being a hostile environment for electronic products, the scales have given us absolutely no problems. We have purchased a further unit since, and should we require additional scales we would again seek the help of A&D.”

Nigel Fletcher, Managing Director of Aerotrans Australia

“De Lorenzo Hair & Cosmetic Research have been using A&D scales for a number of years now. Personally I have been dealing with A&D Australasia for 5 years. We choose A&D to supply our weighing scales as their products are very reliable & of high quality which suits our market conditions. The company has an experienced Sales Team and high level internal Customer Service which will ensure continuity of supply. I have no hesitation in recommending A&D Australasia & their staff to any New customer they acquire.”

Philip Poulton, Senior Procurement, De Lorenzo Hair & Cosmetic Research


What is a Trade Approved Scale?

A trade approved scale is tested by the National Measurement Institute of Australia (N.M.I) and complies with the weighing regulations governing trade transactions. When the unit is approved for trade in accordance with N.M.I standards, it will carry a distinctive approval number that should be in clear view. However an important detail to note: Although a scale is approved for trade in accordance with N.M.I standards, it still must be certified by a licensed scale certifier and a compliance certificate issued. A&D Weighing is able to provide this verification.

Is A&D an ISO certified company?

A&D Australasia Pty Ltd operates a Quality Management System which complies with ISO 9001:2015. 

What is the difference between a balance and a scale?

Generally a balance weighs to a lower resolution than a scale. E.g. a typical balance may weigh 3kg x 0.01g and a scale 300kg x 100g.