High Precision Scales for the Health Sector

Accurate weight measurement is extremely important in the health industry. The weight of a person can often be the first indication that there may be an illness present, as well as providing a quick glimpse into the patient’s health status. In addition, the weight of a patient is usually taken into consideration when it comes to determining medication dosages, as well as the ideal overall treatment plan.

It is therefore important that healthcare providers, hospitals, and physicians use accurate, high precision scales when weighing their patients. Inaccurate readings can lead to incorrect diagnosis and medication dosage, which could lead to further complications later on.

A&D Weighing are experts in weighing equipment and scales for the health sector. Our range of products provide accurate readings to help make healthcare more effective, and are suited for hospitals, clinics, aged care facilities, and more.

Our popular health scales include:

WCS Wheelchair Scale

WCS Wheelchair Scale

A highly portable platform scale, the WCS Wheelchair Scale is specifically designed to weigh patients confined to wheelchairs. It is robust, easy to move around, and comes with a gentle incline ramp as well as low-profile safety rails to secure the wheelchair and patient.

The scale has a 300kg capacity with 50 gram accuracy, and its wide weighing area makes it suitable for both motorised and manual wheelchairs. The separate indicator display allows for optimum positioning and maximum flexibility when setting up.

Walk-On Bariatric Scale

The A&D walk-on bariatric scale is purpose built for unsteady or obese patients. The low profile stainless steel platform and high strength handrail support provides a safe and comfortable weighing experience for unsteady patients when stepping on and off the scale.

With a 300kg maximum capacity and 100 gram increments, the scale is designed with ergonomic stability and hygienic, easy to wipe down surfaces. Other features include: twin displays that show weight and operational details, large and easy to see 7-digit Vacuum Fluorescent Display with 18mm high characters, and an easy to use numeric keypad and function buttons.

PW-200-FG Patient Scale

PW-200-FG Patient Scale

This Australian-designed personal weighing scale with a capacity of 200kg has a professional appearance to suit health environments. Its high accuracy 20g increment makes it ideal for dietary assessment and/or weight management, making it a good option for general practices (GP) and weight loss clinics.

The A&D Patient Scale also comes with a large non-slip weighing platform, a bright LCD display, and an optional RS-232C interface.

HVL-CS Chair Scale

HVL-CS Chair Scale

The A&D ergonomically designed chair scale is ideal for weighing patients who are unable to stand upright. It is quick, accurate, and easy to operate with a 2-button keypad. The white plastic seat is comfortable as well as easy to clean, and the locking castors ensure patient safety.

The chair scale has a 150kg capacity with 20g accuracy, and full digital calibration. Other features include push handles to make it easy to move the scale, high visibility display with easy viewing from multiple angles, and auto power off to preserve battery life.

View our complete range of healthcare and physician scales, or contact the A&D team directly for more information.