NATA Accredited Supplier – What is it and How to Become One

Looking to work with a NATA accredited supplier? NATA accreditation can offer customers many advantages – chief of all, reliable results, and quality assurance. NATA (which stands for the National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia) is the preeminent national accreditation body, endorsed by the Australian government to evaluate organisations against international standards spanning laboratories, inspection bodies, proficiency testing scheme providers, and reference material producers.

Through its rigorous evaluations, NATA has positioned itself as an indispensable partner in the realm of accreditation that helps shape industry, as they guarantee quality control, promote safety, and encourage innovation. As such, NATA accreditation can lend a business both national and global validation, which can foster a company’s credibility and growth.

What is NATA?

NATA’s role is to grant accreditation to conformity assessment bodies. NATA grants accreditation to organisations to perform testing and inspection activities for their products and services. This imparts consumers with the confidence required to make secure, health-conscious, and dependable selections. At the time of writing, NATA is the foremost national accreditation organisation in Australia, authorised by the government to evaluate entities against various international standards in fields such as laboratories, inspection bodies, proficiency testing scheme providers, and reference material producers.

NATA accreditation services also provide significant benefits across a wide range of industries. In fact, NATA accreditation can provide your company with an array of competitive advantages. The quality assurance that comes with NATA accreditation indicates that an organisation’s processes, procedures, and practices adhere to internationally recognised standards, which ensures consistent and reliable quality in the services provided by the accredited entity. In turn, being accredited by NATA enhances an organisation’s reputation by demonstrating its commitment to quality and competence. Stakeholders, including clients, regulatory authorities, and customers, can have increased confidence in the accuracy and reliability of the entity’s testing, measurement, and inspection activities.

NATA has built long standing professional relationships with numerous prominent international groups, including the The International Accreditation Forum (IAF), the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC), the The Asia-Pacific Accreditation Cooperation (APAC), and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Working Group on Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).

How Do I Get NATA Accreditation?

NATA extends its comprehensive accreditation services across diverse sectors, encompassing industries spanning mining, construction, health, and the environment. Understanding the process from application to achieving accreditation is important, as it is a lengthy procedure that can sometimes take up to six months, contingent upon your state of readiness. Though the accreditation process is extensive and generally very time-consuming, those who secure NATA accreditation reap numerous benefits, including enhanced operations and a broader market foothold.

The process itself is comprised of several key steps:

  • Evaluation of readiness and eligibility
  • Consultative visit
  • Application and document review
  • Resolution of identified issues from the submission process
  • Granting of accreditation

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing A NATA Accredited Supplier?

NATA accreditation guarantees several competitive benefits for your business. NATA grants accreditations to entities that pass their high standards for (and rigorous testing of) that organisation’s products and services. This provides consumers with the confidence required to make secure, health-conscious, and dependable selections.
NATA accreditation means also provides an organisation with:

Assurance: NATA members gain a government-endorsed and internationally recognised accreditation, subject to peer review. This accreditation instils an exceptional degree of confidence in members, their clientele, and the wider community.

Industry Proficiency: Attaining NATA accreditation showcases your organisation’s dedication to the excellence, security, and dependability of products and services, as perceived by customers. As such, NATA accreditation provides an independent benchmark for industry competence.

Education: NATA has been providing education and training to individuals and teams on a national and global scale for over two decades now. With a proactive involvement in international accreditation education, we have conducted training sessions in more than 20 countries.

Creativity and Solutions: NATA offers inventive and timely business solutions tailored to cater to the requirements of our members while meeting the community’s expectations. NATA’s expertise and resources guarantee that your accreditation offers distinctive benefits to both you and your organisation.

Recognition: NATA accreditation provides a business with a stark competitive edge over non-accredited entities, guaranteeing your readiness to seize trade prospects within the market.

Global Status: NATA’s enduring and dynamic engagement with international organisations empowers accredited companies to brandish global acknowledgment for their accreditation, reducing the need for other evaluations from alternate providers.


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