Routine Scale Maintenance

The A&D FG series is ideal for applications that need a fast weighing response time, with trade approval verification. Its three weighing resolution function allows users to select the weighing resolution in the Function setting: Normal, High, or Higher resolution.

Additional features include the comparator function, calibration function, and filtering function. The FG series also has a gravity acceleration correction function, which allows adjustable gravity acceleration for accurate weighing.

Axis Manufacture, a specialist producer for clients in the construction, civil and trade industries, purchased the A&D FG series platform scale about 10 years ago.

Axis Manufacture uses this platform scale for weighing a wide range of non-hazardous waterproofing and protective coating products.

platform scale
Before and After

Axis Manufacturing recently dropped off this scale for a maintenance service, and our team performed several tasks:

  • Changed the front display assembly
  • Repaired the indicator bracket assembly
  • Recalibrated the scale
  • Re-verified the scale for trade

A&D understands the importance of your weighing instruments performing effectively and efficiently at all times. Our Service team is available to repair, service and recalibrate all types of A&D weighing equipment.

For more information on our scale servicing, repair and calibration service, please complete this enquiry form and we will be in touch with you soon.