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AP Custom Ramp and Barriers

A&D were recently contacted by Australia Post to assist with streamlining part of their weighing process at one of their distribution facilities.

Animal Trolley

Weighing Animals with a Portable Trolley

The Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources recently contacted A&D Weighing to create a customised portable trolley for a Post Entry Quarantine (PEQ) facility.


A&D Technology Reducing Downtime Costs

There are two types of Lab staff - Those that have spilled stuff on their laboratory balance and those that will!


Desorption kit for volumetric approximation of produced gas

The desorption kit consists of a quick-latching Camlock canister and water reservoir connected by some tubing.


Custom forklift barriers to suit all A&D pallet scales

The forklift barriers are a newly engineered product to help protect the load cells under your low profile pallet scales, and can help reduce unnecessary upkeep costs by limiting product or machinery damage.


Customised Platform Scale for the RAAF

Supporting Gould Instruments (one of our long term Dealers based in Townsville, QLD) A&D Weighing recently developed a custom pallet scale to help ensure the weighing accuracy at RAAF Townsville.

Whiting LEFC

Lakes Entrance Fishermen’s Co-operative

When it comes to commercial weighing equipment, there may be plenty of fish in the sea, but world-class equipment is a far rarer catch. The success our clients have in their business is also reflective of our standing as a whale of the weighing industry – and we love sharing our clients’ feel good stories.


Redsun - Taste the warmth!  

Running a major glasshouse facility is a massive task, especially with a young family. Phuong & Van know that having the right processing & measuring systems in place is paramount to success, and they were one of the first people in Australia to invest in A&D’s EZICheck™ inline weighing system and it has served them well; automatically checking and recording hundreds of thousands of punnets, ensuring only optimal weights leave the premises.

Large capacity checkweigher

A&D EZICheck System Customised for Leading NZ Automation Company

A&D was recently approached by one of New Zealand’s leading suppliers of complete end-of-line solutions. So using A&D Japan’s popular touch screen intelligent checkweighing controller, the A&D Australasia design team went to work to produce a high capacity checkweigher to suit. Click here to read more.

A&D ML-50 moisture analyser

Analysing moisture in fertilisers

Maintaining the right amount of moisture content in fertilisers is very important to the grading and quality of the fertilisers. Always looking to improve their processes, Neutrog - an organic fertiliser manufacturer based in South Australia, contacted A&D Weighing.

Platform ramp

Ramping Up Our Weighing Expertise

A&D were engaged by the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) to provide a custom weighing solution for weighing heavy liquids, waste products and general goods, so the A&D Engineering team designed a custom scale ramp to meet the objectives. Click here to read the story.

RAH Thumb

A&D supporting the Royal Adelaide Hospital

A&D Weighing recently developed an innovative customised in-ground bed scale for the Royal Adelaide Hospital. Click here to read more.

ht scale

Scaling up the battle against cane toads

Emily and her team are conducting field work with live moving toads so she requires a scale that can quickly measure weight, is light and portable, and that she is easily able to tare for accurate results. Our HT Scale fits the bill.

AD4401 high performance batching indicator

Complete Control for Riviera Bakery

A&D Weighing rose to the challenge to solve a predicament for one of Australia’s favourite bakers Riviera Bakery recently by replacing the existing controller on Riviera’s batching system with a new control cabinet and our AD4401 high performance batching indicator

moisture analyser

Quality Assurance in the Pipelines

We were told that measuring moisture content particularly in the early stages of the manufacturing process was critical. If there is too much or too little moisture left in the pellets of polythene plastic after they have gone through the drying process, then the consistency of the moulded pipes could be weakened and could result in leaks in the pipes.


Integrating a seamless filling solution for a top Cherry producer

Utilising the A&D AD4402 batching controller, GP Graders developed a precise, reliable & intelligent system for various sizes of cherry boxes & bags. GP Graders are world leaders in fresh food processing systems and together with A&D's high speed measurement expertise, an exceptional solution was created.

A&D scale

Major Tomato Producer Implements Local Weight Data Solution

A&D’s powerful Multiweigher 3000 weight data suite has recently been implemented to capture the weights of tomato trusses growing in a new high-tech glasshouse just north of Adelaide.


Passionate about Pasta

A&D’s EZI-Check™ Metal Detector allows the customer to accurately control the quality output of their production lines to ensure they align with our high Australian industry standards. A&D Weighing is proud to provide Alligator Brand with the innovative EZI-Check™ Metal Detector, helping to protect the welfare of their customers, and to safeguard their production processes & reputation.

weighing out food

A&D weighs out inconsistencies in prison food

In a bid to control prisoners’ food consumption and to ensure overall nutritional balanced diets within the jail, a NSW prison recently requested our help to suggest a better way of achieving consistent food portions.

amusement park rides

Engineered Safety on Amusement Thrill Rides

A new amusement ride was purchased by the theme park to invigorate attendance numbers particularly with the school holidays coming. However before the amusement ride could be released to the most daring of thrill seekers, a rigorous risk assessment was performed.


Wild about Game Meat

Diners and restaurants are becoming more adventurous with culinary fare, and in the last few years we have witnessed a rise in demand for game meat in Australia as well as overseas.

mushroom application

Is there Mushroom to improve?

One of our nation’s largest producers, packers and marketers of fresh produce continuously evaluate ways to improve their processes. This family owned company has a proud reputation for quality and consistency, but are always seeking new and innovative methods to raise the bar.


Super Sweet Results for Strawberry Grower

This Australian strawberry grower supplies hundreds of tonnes of berries to retail supermarkets each year and is renowned for their premium strawberries. They wanted to improve their packing process and expected a premium solution.


Printing a Better Weigh

Webstar are one of Australia's leaders in the print media space and have forged a reputation for unrivalled flexibility, quality and reliability. They print more than 150 magazine titles, catalogues and corporate publications each month.

weighing coffee

Coffee Scale, Caffeine Hit on a Major Scale!

A&D Australasia’s Weighing Division recently solved a problem for local boutique coffee blender and roaster Veneziano Coffee, with a customised, portable weigh hopper that reduced OH&S risks and significantly improved their blending process. Veneziano are renowned for their premium coffee so they expected a premium solution.