HW-C/HW-CP New Scales

A&D’s new HVW-C/HVW-CP platform scales are landing in Australia this month!

HVW-C/HVW-CP platform scales

This scale family is designed to integrate easily into your weighing process, and it offers a broad range of solutions for your checkweighing, parts counting, or quality assurance applications.

Some of the features of these Platform scales include:

Better Display

The LCD display comes with white backlight, which makes it visible even in dimly lit areas. The better visibility will help operators improve work efficiency as well as avoid fatigue and the tendency to make errors. The terminal head is also adjustable, and there is the optional remote display and wall-mount bracket.

Built-in Printer

The HW-CP units come with built-in printer for creating paper-based records on the spot. Besides normal printing, the printer also enables GMP compliant output and label printing without connecting to a separate printer.

Lock Function

With a built-in key lock function, you can prevent any unwanted changes and seamless data capture with the built-in printer.

Auto-Tare and Negative Comparison

The Auto-Tare allows the scale to perform tare automatically when the weight reaches a pre-set range. When used with the Negative Checkweighing feature, you can now easily move parts from a master carton on the scale to containers on the production line.

Portability and Durability

All the HW-C models can be easily moved and placed to fit your process, and they operate anywhere with four standard D batteries. The IP65 rated base allows for wet weighing and can be washed for water. The surface of the pan is resistant to chemicals, scratches and rust, and is easy to keep clean and hygienic.

Other notable features include:

  • Quick and easy settings using the alphanumeric keypad
  • Optional roller conveyers for weighing in production lines
  • (UFC) function to edit serial data output / printout format
  • Wide selection of capacities and resolutions
  • Three slots for optional data communication interfaces
  • Display hold function
  • Counting mode function
  • Accumulation (M+) function

The units that will be available in Australia are:

HW-10KC (10kg x 1g)

HW-10KCP (10kg x 1g)

HW-60KC (60kg x 5g)

HW-60KCP (60kg x 5g)

HW-200KC (200kg x 20g)

HW-200KCP (200kg x 20g)

With these new platform scales, you can raise your throughput and increase process security. Now you can be confident about improving your product and delivering quality.

For more information, contact A&D Weighing today!