Moisture Analysers with SRA Technology

Our straight halogen lamp and uniquely designed SRA (Secondary Radiation Assist) filter gives shorter measurement time, thanks to fast and uniform heating. The ergonomically designed pan handle eliminates mishaps such as burns when moving a hot sample tray into or out of the unit from either side.

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Moisture Analyser overview


  • Industry leading 5 years warranty
  • Fast and uniform heating with a halogen lamp and innovative SRA technology
  • High repeatability of 0.001% (standard deviation)
  • Sodium Tartrate Dihydrate samples provided to allow accuracy check
  • Memory function to store data
  • Four measurement programs
  • Clear and easy to see VFD display
  • Easy handling of sample tray eliminates the possibility of burns
  • Glass window allows check of heating
  • Self check function
  • Standard RS232C serial interface
  • Conforms to GLP standards

Additional Information

Advantages of A&D Weighing’s Moisture Analysers

For accurate and fast moisture analysis results, A&D Weighing’s moisture analysers have a significant advantage. Our unique moisture analyser design uses an integrated halogen lamp which can lead to quicker and more uniform heating, making it possible to obtain fast testing results.

We’ve also ergonomically designed the pan handle for increased comfort and safety, limiting the risk of burns or other accidents when operatives are moving the hot sample tray.

Another advantage of our moisture analysers is that they can be useful for a range of sample options, including food, chemical, and pharmaceuticals. As well as accuracy, they are designed to be easy to clean and robust. They feature a choice of measurement programmes and a wide display for clear viewing. In addition, they’re designed to stand up to plenty of use in a busy laboratory or production environment, making our moisture analysers a worthwhile investment for your business.

We offer a range of models with different capacities and every model has a five-year warranty. These moisture analysers are an excellent choice for accuracy, reliability, and ease of use.

Model & Capacity(scroll right for purchase/enquiry details)

Model Capacity Weighing Pan Unit Price
excluding GST
71g x 0.0001g
NA $ POA Enquire
51g x 0.001g
NA $ POA Enquire
51g x 0.002g
NA $ POA Enquire
51g x 0.005g
NA $ POA Enquire

Accessories & Options(scroll right for purchase/enquiry details)

Accessories & Options Description Unit Price
excluding GST
MAAX-34-240V Halogen Lamp 240v 400W $ POA Enquire
MAAX-31PANMXMF Reuseable Trays $ POA Enquire
MAAX-43CALMX Temperature Calibration Trays (qty100) $ POA Enquire
MAAX-38COVERMXMF Plastic Display Cover (2pcs) $ POA Enquire
MAAX-33TESTMXMF 15.66% Test samples (30g x 12pcs) $ POA Enquire
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    • What is the difference between MS/MX/MF/ML and Karl Fischer type analyzer?

      MS/MX/MF/ML is a heating and drying method analyzer that compares weight before and after heating and drying, while a Karl Fischer type analyzer titrates KF reagent that contains iodine to sample electric-chemically.

      Can any material be tested with the analyzer?

      1. Materials that are explosive and/or flammable and/or emit fumes when heated are not suitable to be tested by heating and drying method. Those materials must not be tested with the analyzer.
      2. Materials whose surface gets dried first and forms a membrane that makes pressure inside high must not be tested because they may be dangerous.
      3. Materials whose characteristics are unknown can be 1 or 2 as above and thus, should not be tested.

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      I’m looking to replace my old moisture analyser – which model should I choose?

    • All A&D products purchased within Australia are covered by a warranty period which varies from 12 months to 5 years depending on the model.

      Warranty covers against any defects in the material and workmanship negligence during the manufacture or assembly of the product for the period of the warranty.

      Warranty claims should be submitted through your initial dealer or place of purchase with your proof of purchase tax invoice.