Dispense and Reload Gunpowder with Precision

A&D AD4406 indicator and A&D compression load cells

Kaizen Tactical offers quality equipment and accessories to those who enjoy tactical and competition shooting.

To help their customers accurately dispense powder for the reloading of rifles, they have created a system where an automatic powder thrower and trickler is interfaced with an A&D FZ-i precision balance.

How does the AutoTrickler work:

When the empty cup is placed on the scale, the AutoThrow will automatically drop the bulk charge, and then the AutoTrickler will release within +/- 0.02 grains of the target weight.

By combining accuracy, speed and automation, this powder dispensing system helps to shrink groups at long range and makes the reloading task a pleasant one.

Kaizen Tactical has designed the AutoTrickler to work with the A&D FZ-i series, as these scales are precise and accurate enough for all forms of long range shooting.

The A&D FZ-i Series comes with an easy one touch internal calibration system, and has a fast stabilisation time of 1 second, making it ideal for high speed applications.

Other features of the A&D FZ-i Series range include:

  • Industry leading 5 years Australian warranty
  • Multiple weighing units available including grain
  • Vacuum Fluorescent Display for great visibility
  • Compact B5 size footprint brings minimal impact to your work environment
  • RS232 Data Interface
  • Breeze break included
  • And many more features

Capacities & Resolutions available in Australia:

Model Capacity Available Pan size
FZ-300i 320 g x 0.001g Ø130 mm
FZ-500i 520 g x 0.001g Ø130 mm
FZ-3000i 3200 g x 0.01g Ø150 mm
FZ-5000i 5200 g x 0.01g Ø150 mm

Watch the video below to see the AutoTrickler and A&D FZ-300i Precision Scale in action!