Complete Control for Riviera Bakery

A&D Weighing rose to the challenge to solve a problem for one of Australia’s favourite bakers Riviera Bakery recently.

Riviera Bakery have an existing batching system (not an A&D product) which they have had for many years. This batching system is used to load up the flour bins to help produce the freshly baked loaves and rolls delivered across Australia every day.

weighing scales

However with Riviera Bakery’s popularity increasing and their volumes and variety of baked goods expanding, Riviera’s productivity was restricted by their slow batching system which could only store pre-set target weights to batch out the preselected amount of flour.

Riviera Bakery’s objectives were clear:

  • Required a simple, effective food grade solution.
  • Needed to fill the hopper with accurate measurements of flour depending on what product and what product quantity they were looking to create (up to 100+ blend combinations).
  • Required a fast and variable target setting method that their operators could easily dial up.

The A&D Weighing team inspected the existing batching system and was quickly able to deliver a solution within budget and time-frame. A&D replaced the existing controller on Riviera’s batching system with a new control cabinet. The control cabinet included an AD4401 high performance batching indicator and large rotary dials. Now the operators can simply dial variable target settings for each flour batch required.

Additionally inside the control cabinet, there are smaller rotary dials for the manager to adjust the free fall value depending on required consistency and density of the flour in the storage hopper.

weighing scales

The benefits are significant and return on investment rapid:

  • Faster, more efficient weighing process, releasing extra labour for other tasks
  • Improved batch QA & QC – able to record gross batch weights and individual flour weights
  • Locally designed & manufactured solution, easily supported by their local scale service provider

Most A&D scales, balances and weight indicators can be expanded in this way. A&D Weighing continue to prove that economical, Australian designed and manufactured solutions are a vital resource for local industry.

After all, if you don’t measure it, how can you control it?