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A checkweigher is essential for any company that requires food, beverage, pharmaceutical products etc to be weighed at high speeds. As the leading manufacturer and exporter of weighing equipment in Australia, A&D Weighing is excited to offer the latest technological innovation in checkweighing at an impressive low entry price.

The new A&D, Japanese designed inline checkweigher can weigh products between 10g to 2000g with up to 0.01g precision and operate at speeds as high as 320 per minute. A&D’s cutting edge development in high-speed digital signal processing (DSP) has significantly increased performance in its checkweigher, whilst also bringing down the costs of manufacturing and installation.

Guarantee the accuracy of your product weights and save in service costs by finding out more about the A&D Checkweigher today.

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Speed and simplicity

What makes the new checkweigher scale unmatched in its class is its simplicity – as a checkweigher manufacturer, A&D has simplified the checkweigher by refining and increasing the speed of its digital signal processing (DSP). This advanced design means running the A&D checkweigher is not only smoother and more reliable than other checkweighers, but the customer’s purchase price is reduced and installation is easier and cheaper than ever before.

Flat pack delivery, no-fuss installation

By adhering to its philosophy of minimising service costs for customers, A&D has developed the new checkweigher with ease of installation and maintenance in mind. This means:

  • Every A&D checkweigher is delivered onsite in three ‘flat pack’ cartons, as opposed to costly large crate deliveries
  • The checkweigher modules are developed for simple onsite installation by a local A&D authorised retailer or the customer
  • If necessary, A&D Australasia’s sister company, A&D TechEng, is available to assist with integration of the checkweigher with PLC & SCADA systems. A&D TechEng is a Siemens ‘Solution Partner’ and a Rockwell ‘Recognised System Integrator’.

With A&D’s unique flat packed delivery, customers enjoy the lowest installation fees in the industry. Low ongoing maintenance costs are assured with the easy-to-service design of the checkweighers. A&D are committed to their vision of supplying industry-leading inspection equipment that are customer friendly, supportive of local A&D-approved technicians, and without the need for costly specialist service tools or equipment.

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A&D is Australia’s leading manufacturer and exporter of weighing equipment and excels in delivering Measurement, Automation & Control solutions. Find out more about A&D’s latest innovations in checkweighing today.

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