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X-Ray Inspection in Food Processing

Increase consumer and brand protection with next level quality assurance. The ProteX Series uses advanced algorithms in a compact design to provide detection for contaminants such as metals and bone fragments, glass, clumps, missing or damaged product, and broken seals.

X-Ray Inspection in Food Processing


  • Increased consumer protection
  • Brand protection and recall prevention
  • Food safety compliance
  • Advanced Algorithms
    Built for more than just containments, we also provide mass estimation, shape detection, and component verification
  • Compact Design
    Our equipment is the smallest in class to allow for easy in-line integration with minimal reconfiguration of existing equipment
  • Easy to Read Display
    A 15-inch color touchscreen provides users with a vibrant screen for viewing high-resolution imagery
  • Streamlined Product Setup
    Minimal inputs from the user makes setup and changeover quick
  • Quick-ship Available
    For manufacturers who need product inspection systems within a couple weeks
  • Accelerated ROI
    Reject classification allows the operator to see trends in real time and correct issues upstream from the X-ray.

Additional Information

The ProteX X-ray inspection system provides product inspection functions that cannot be accomplished by metal detection or checkweighing.

img-4Missing Product DetectionIn scenarios when the total weight of a product is acceptable, X-ray can be used to visually inspect and reject a product if there is missing product inside the package.
img-4Shape DetectionX-ray can be used to find inconsistencies in products that should be rejected, like broken or incomplete products.
img-4Package CheckIn instances where the product shifts during the packaging process, it may be important to check the seal of the product.
img-4MaskingProducts with clips and oxygen absorbers can be masked to check for presence and avoid a false detection.

Xray specs 01

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