EJ Series Compact Balances

The EJ Compact Balance outperforms other higher priced scales while still maintaining a compact size. These accurate, high quailty, attractive, stackable units are perfect for applications where portability or easy storage are paramount. This EJ series supports multiple weighing units and has a breeze break option.

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EJ Series of Entry-Level Balances


  • Unique & Engaging Colour Scheme
  • Three years warranty
  • Multiple Measurement Units including a counting and percentage mode
  • Security Feature for protecting the balance from theft
  • Stacking Feature allows easy and convenient storage of multiple units
  • RS-232C interface outlet (i.e. to hook into a printer) is an optional extra
  • Calculates Density automatically when using the optional Density Determination Kit
  • Simple Keyboard Function
  • AC or Battery Operation (4 x AA)
  • Configurable Mode Key allows customisation of balance to suit users needs
  • Backlit Display can be set to switch off after a specified time period
  • Underhook weighing on 0.1g models only
  • Comparator Function gives a visual reference against a set target weight
  • Modular Styling allows simple fitting of the breeze break and density options
  • Optional carry case : 34.5cm x 31.5cm (about 1.4kg)

Model & Capacity(scroll right for purchase/enquiry details)

Model Capacity Weighing Pan Unit Price
excluding GST
210g x 0.01g
Ø110 mm $580.00 Cart Enquire
410g x 0.01g
Ø110 mm $765.00 Cart Enquire
610g x 0.01g
Ø110 mm $900.00 Cart Add to cart
1500g x 0.1g
127mm x 140mm $580.00 Cart Enquire
4100g x 0.1g
127mm x 140mm $775.00 Cart Enquire
6100g x 0.1g
127mm x 140mm $900.00 Cart Add to cart

Accessories & Options(scroll right for purchase/enquiry details)

Accessories & Options Description Unit Price
excluding GST
EJ OP-02 USB Interface + connection USB cable $250.00 Cart Enquire
EJ OP-03 RS-232C Serial Interface $145.00 Cart Enquire
EJ OP-07 Underhook for EJ-4100 & 6100 $110.00 Cart Enquire
EJ OP-08 Underhook for EJ-1500 & 2000 $110.00 Cart Enquire
EJ OP-11 Tilting BB Tilting Breeze Break $145.00 Cart Enquire
EJ OP-12 EJ Carry case option $195.00 Cart Enquire
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    • What powers this scale?

      The EJ series can operate with an AC Adaptor (included as standard) or 4 x AA batteries (not included as standard).

      What is the warrantry period for the EM series?

      The warranty period within Australia for the EJ series is 3 years.

    • All A&D products purchased within Australia are covered by a warranty period which varies from 12 months to 5 years depending on the model.

      Warranty covers against any defects in the material and workmanship negligence during the manufacture or assembly of the product for the period of the warranty.

      Warranty claims should be submitted through your initial dealer or place of purchase with your proof of purchase tax invoice.