Postal, Retail & Counting Scales

If you work in a retail sector that relies heavily on the buying, selling or trading of products based on weight, it’s essential to have a precise and legally traceable set of weighing scales. Our high-precision scales are suitable for a variety of retail applications, including post offices, butchers and green grocers, amongst others. As a globally recognised weighing manufacturer, all our retail scales are NMI approved as legal for trade.

Browse through our product range below to find the perfect set of retail scales for your needs. If you require assistance or have any enquiries, feel free to contact us to receive helpful advice and information.

Parcel Weighing Scales - Postal Scales AP30i Postal Scale

A&D’s postal mail scales are produced specifically for precise letter and parcel weighing. With AC operation, the AP-30i postal scale interfaces directly with Australia Post’s EPOS System. Approved for Australia Post LPOs and fully supported and serviced by A&D Weighing, this electronic postal scale is sure to improve your mailing efficiency.

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SG Series Price Computing Retail Scales

Reliable and intuitive price computing scale. Ideal for retail weighing. Up to 12 PLU’s (Price Look Up’s). AC or Battery Operation. Clear and easy to read Liquid Crystal Display.

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SF-KB Price Computing Retail Scales

Reliable and accurate price computing with up to 30 PLU’s (Price Look Up’s). Clear Liquid Crystal Display. Robust design with battery operation. Capacities to 30kg

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SF-KA & SF-KB Price Computing Retail Scales

Reliable and accurate price computing with up to 30 PLU’s (Price Look Up’s). Robust design running on mains power. Capacities up to 30kg. Trade approved by NMI Australia.

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FC-i/FC-Si Series Time Saving Counting Scales with High Resolution

Top of the range counting scale featuring 500 ID memories, count accuracy, standard RS232 interface and second platform facility. Counting scale capacities range from 500g to 50kg. The FC500Si and FC 5000Si scales have a count accuracy of 1 in 10,000,000.

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HC-i Series Counting Scales HC-i Series Counting Scales

Faster and accurate counting. Fantastic value counting scale featuring 1 in 750,000 count accuracy, easy operation, 99 ID memories, rechargable battery, detachable display and audible weighing assist (AWA). Counting scale capacities of 3kg, 6kg, 15kg and 30kg are available.

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