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Pipettes and Pipette Testers

Pipettes are commonly used in laboratories to transport liquid that has been measured accurately. These are the best equipment to use when transferring less than 100 millimetres of a solution from one container to another. Pipettes are also used in educational institutions for laboratory work in microbiology, environmental sciences, medical, academic and research labs. Measuring pipettes are calibrated into smaller divisions, which helps provide more accurate results and also enables measured quantities as small as one micro-litre. We offer a range of pipettes and testers that are durable and easy to use, making them a valuable addition to your business. Contact us today to find pipettes and additional equipment that is reliable, accurate, well-priced and that suits your needs perfectly.

Browse through our range of Pipettes below to find a product that’s right for your needs. Contact A&D Weighing for more information.

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  • MPA Series Pipettes
    MPA Series Pipettes

    Our MPA Single Channel Electronic Pipettes feel surprisingly lightweight with a lowered center of gravity and compact design. The MPA Series is operated with a high precision stepping motor and also frees users from expensive external calibration services with simple calibration functions (for both volume and weight) which can be performed in-house. With these features users can be assured of consistent, reliable results and realize uniform pipette operation for both novice and expert alike.

  • AD-1690 Pipette Leak Tester
    AD-1690 Pipette Leak Tester

    The AD-1690 instantly identifies any compromise in the pressure integrity of small pumps, piping, storage containers and especially micropipettes. Tests devises to 50ml capacity.

  • Pipette Accuracy Tester from A&D
    Pipette Accuracy Tester from A&D

    A complete test and reporting system for pipette accuracy based on the gravimetric method and complying with ISO Standard 8655. The Pipette Accuracy Tester includes an analytical or precision weighing system with extensive reporting software.