WinCT-UFC for FC-i, HC-i, AD-4405/06/07


‘WinCT-UFC’ (Windows Communication Tools for UFC) is an ‘Windows Data Communication Software’ application to enable a computer and an instrument/ instruments to communicate interactively with each other in order to utilize the UFC functions of the weighing instruments made by A&D.

Caution Before setting up ‘WinCT-UFC’, back up important data on the computer for your own safety. UFC functions differ depending on each weighing instrument. Refer to the instruction manual of the weighing instrument in use for format or reply of communication. Refer to the manufacturer about computers or software other than ‘WinCT-UFC’.

Additional Information


  • Computer OS: Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP
  • CPU: Pentium II 300MHz or faster
  • RAM: 12MB or more recommended
  • Hard Disk: 10MB minimum free space on hard disk
  • CRT: VGA or higher resolution monitor
  • Other: RS-232C port

License Agreement

It is prohibited to reproduce ‘WinCT-UFC’ without our prior written consent. Specifications of ‘WinCT-UFC’ are subject to change without notice. The copyright of ‘WinCT-UFC’ is owned by A&D Company, Limited. ‘WinCT-UFC’ is to be used for data transmission between A&D’s weighing instrument and a computer. ‘WinCT-UFC’ can only be installed and used on the hard disks or other storage device of the computer to be connected to the weighing instrument. A&D Company, Limited assumes no liability at all for direct or indirect and particular or inevitable damages due to defects of ‘WinCT-UFC’ or this ‘Readme’ even though possibility of occurrence of such damages has been notified. Further, A&D assumes no liability for claims of rights from third parties. At the same time A&D assumes no liability at all for software or data losses.

Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries

Setting the weighing instrument

Refer to the instruction manual of the weighing instrument in use for the details of communication setting and data output setting of the weighing instrument. Specify the mode of the weighing instrument to receive command.
Example Factory setting for AD-4405, AD-4406, AD-4407, FC-i Series and HC-i Series. The set value will be used in the explanation below.
Communication Setting Item Factory Setting Baud Rate 2400 baud Parity EVEN (even number) Bit Length 7 bits length Stop Bit 1 bit length Terminator CR/LF

Handling Instructions on WinCT-UFC

1. Introduction
With this software, data can be transmitted/received via RS-232C between A&D’s weighing instrument and a computer, and data transmitted/received can be saved and read in text file. Transmission of data is performed by each line. This is suitable for setting of UFC functions of A&D’s weighing instrument since a long sentence can be transmitted by one operation.

2. Features of WinCT-UFC
Data can be transmitted and received via RS-232C between a weighing instrument and a computer. The result transmitted/received can be displayed on the computer screen and saved in text file. Printing is also possible. -Data transmitted can be read in text file. Text will be transmitted by each line and the transmission interval can be set. When multiple weighing instruments were connected to each port of a computer, it is possible to communicate with each weighing instrument at the same time. (Multiple execution) -It is possible to operate with the other applications at the same time (It does not occupy the computer).

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