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AD-4212D Micro Analytical Weighing Sensor

The AD-4212D series brings the precision of high-end laboratory analytical balances to production lines/systems with unprecedented flexibility and utility. High Resolution, High Stability & Space saving

AD-4212D Micro Analytical Weighing Sensor


  • Minimum weighing value from 1 µg
  • EM-DLC* technology for direct connection to a PC or PLC
  • Compact size and resistance to vacuum state ideal for use in a glove box
  • Stable measurement in a fume hood (for 0.1 mg readability only)
  • Internal calibration function to ensure accuracy with one key press
  • Protection mechanism against vertical and transverse overloading due to actuator malfunctions, etc.
  • Adjustable response characteristics to help cope with the effects of drafts and vibrations
  • Automatic zero display after data output
  • Equipped with a small breeze break
  • Possible to design and attach your preferred weighing pan/receptacle
  • Clock and calendar function
  • Underhook for weighing magnetic materials and density measurements
  • GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO compliant output
  • Clock and calendar function
  • Built-in temperature sensor for temperature data output
  • Can be secured directly to a base by removing the leveling feet and using screws
  • Water-resistant cap for cleaning**
  • High extensibility with A&D's various peripheral devices
  • AD-1691 weighing environment analyser provided as standard

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