Customised Floor Scale Protection Barriers

A&D can custom build heavy duty forklift barriers to protect against forklift side loading. These barriers are finished in a highly visible yellow colour.


  • Heavy duty barrier protection
  • Custom sizes to suit your application
  • Finished in high visibility safety yellow

Additional Information

A&D Weighing supplies a large range of low profile platform and floor scales to suit a wide range of weighing applications such as weighing palletised products/freight, trolleys, drums and other heavy containers. Our pallet scale platforms generally measure 1200mm x 1200mm, with a weighing capacity of up to 3000kg.

We can also custom build heavy duty, forklift barriers to protect against forklifts, as well as providing protection to other areas such as walls/racks/cartons from damage where large machinery operates.
These protection barriers would be finished in high visibility safety yellow (or galvanising finish upon request) and provide heavy duty protection to protect against forklift side loading.
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    A&D Australiasia has a nation wide dealer network with outlets in all capital cities and in most regional locations. Call Toll Free 1800 241 434 for the location of your nearest dealer.

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    Contact the A&D Australiasia Service department on 08 8301 8120 or at [email protected] and they can advise on and coordinate your service requirement.

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