EK-i Series Precision Balances

A range of high accuracy, portable top pan precision balances. Accuracies range from 0.01g to 1g and capacities from 400g to 12kg. This balance has been Trade Approved by NMI Australia.
PLEASE NOTE The Trade Approval Verification digit and Class is at the bottom of this page.

Product Brochure & Manual


  • Trade Approved Balance
  • Three years warranty
  • Advanced, reliable, accurate weighing
  • Portable balance with capacities to 12kg
  • Large back lit LCD display with wide viewing angle
  • Standard RS232C data interface
  • Overload protected to take hard use
  • 9 built in weighing units plus counting and percentage software
  • Standard comparator function with LO/GO/HI indication
  • Full digital calibration with user definable calibration mass
  • Conforms with GLP standards
  • Stainless steel weighing pan
  • Optional rechargeable battery pack
  • Optional under hook weighing for 6000g and 12kg models
  • Leveling feet and level bubble for accurate weighing

Additional Information



When a balance receives a certificate of approval from NSC/NMI it will be approved under a certain class of accuracy which determines the parameters that the machine needs to meet when submitted for trade stamping.

One of the key parameters that will apply is the verification interval which is the minimum increment that the balance can be approved to. Given the high number of divisions displayed by a balance the verification interval for trade will always differ from the best increment of the balance. An example would be in the case of the GX-2000 where the balance can be read to 0.01 g but the verification interval when the machine is stamped for trade is 0.1 g.

Most of the balances will still display the non significant digit, normally highlighted by a bracket or similar, but some balances such as the Class III EK-i will drop the last digit completely, while the EW-150i drops an entire range. It is important to remember that the verification digit is the one to which the balance is certified, to make things clearer we have listed the trade approved balances below complete with their approval accuracy class and verification digit.

Balance Model


NMI Verification Digit

EK-410i, 400g x 0.01g Class III Verification Digit 0.1g
EK-610i 600g x 0.01g Class II Verification Digit 0.1g
EK-4100i 4000g x 0.1g Class III Verification Digit 1g
EK-6100i 6000g x 0.1g Class II Verification Digit 1g

Model & Capacity(scroll right for purchase/enquiry details)

Model Capacity Weighing Pan Unit Price
excluding GST
EK-410i Trade (verification may take up to 5 business days)
400g x 0.1g
Ø110 mm $1080.00 Add to cart
EK-610i Trade (verification may take up to 5 business days)
600g x 0.1g
Ø110 mm $1270.00 Add to cart
EK-4100i Trade (verification may take up to 5 business days)
4000g x 1g
133mm x 170mm $1080.00 Add to cart
EK-6100i Trade (verification may take up to 5 business days)
6000g x 1g
133mm x 170mm $1270.00 Add to cart
EK-410i Non Trade
400g x 0.01g
Ø110 mm $880.00 Add to cart
EK-610i Non Trade
600g x 0.01g
Ø110 mm $1060.00 Add to cart
EK-3000i Non Trade
3000g x 0.1g
133mm x 170mm $830.00 Add to cart
EK-4100i Non Trade
4000g x 0.1g
133mm x 170mm $880.00 Add to cart
EK-6100i Non Trade
6000g x 0.1g
133mm x 170mm $1060.00 Add to cart
EK-6000i Non Trade
6000g x 1g
133mm x 170mm $880.00 Add to cart
EK-12Ki Non Trade
12Kg x 1g
133mm x 170mm $1060.00 Add to cart

Accessories & Options(scroll right for purchase/enquiry details)

Accessories & Options Description Unit Price
excluding GST
OP-04 EK Comparator / Relay Output $340.00 Add to cart
OP-07 EK Underhook (6000i/6100i/12Ki) $90.00 Add to cart
OP-09 EK Rechargeable Battery Pack $340.00 Add to cart
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