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WinCT Viscosity Software

Win CT Viscosity is a software package that works in conjunction with the SV-Series of Vibro Viscometers. It allows the real time tracking of product performance, recording viscosity, temperature and time using the RS Visco Module. These parameters are then displayed in a tabular and graphical format.

The axis can be configured to your particular format showing all or selected test parameters. The graph lines are colour coded according to parameter making test analysis extremely easy to carry out. The software allows the saving of a unique file for each test conducted allowing for the retention of a complete product analysis portfolio.
WinCT Viscosity Software

Additional Information

Rs Key and RS Com modules are also available with WinCT Viscosity.
Rs Key allows the direct load of measurement data into the application of your choice, ie Excel, while Rs Com is a notebook style format ideal for product monitoring. WinCT Viscosity is supplied as standard with all SV Viscometers and comes complete with PC cables, for immediate use.