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WinCT-Plus Software


WinCT© - The Next Generation in A&D's new line of software products. WinCT software is so easy to use, that anyone can download data from an A&D balance directly to a PC!

It is compatible with any A&D balance that is equipped with an RS-232C Interface.

WinCT© is a software application designed to download information from your A&D balance directly into your personal computer, saving you the time and effort of having to manually enter your weighing data and reducing the chance of data input errors.
WinCT-Plus Software


  • Enables data acquisition from multiple weighing instruments with a single computer.
  • Ethernet network and RS-232C connection can be used simultaneously.
  • Weighing instruments can be controlled by sending commands from the computer.
  • Data is transmitted to the PC by pressing the [PRINT] key on the weighing instrument.
  • Recorded data can be comprehensively formatted in Microsoft Excel.

Additional Information

Necessary Systems

(1) Computer

OS: Microsoft Windows 2000 onwards
CPU: Equivalent to Pentium class or above recommended
RAM: At least 32MB recommended
Hard Disk: Space of at least 50MB required
Display resolution: 800 × 600 or higher recommended

(2) For connection via Ethernet

Ethernet Hub*
A&D balance/scale equipped with an RS-232C interface + AD-8526, or balance equipped with an OP-08
LAN cable (straight cable*)
* If Ethernet hub is not used, cross cables should be used for LAN cabling.

(3) For connection via RS-232C cable (ComPort)

A&D balance/scale equipped with an RS-232C interface
RS-232C cable