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AD-4541 Signal Conditioner

The AD-4541 Analog Signal Conditioner device will accept an analog (mV) input from a sensing device such as a load cell, pressure sensor, strain gauge etc and convert it to an output control signal in the form of a voltage (-2v to +2v) or a current (4 to 20mA).

AD-4541 Signal Conditioner


  • Choice of Signal Outputs- (-2V to +2V) , (4mA to 20mA)
  • Simple Calibration- Adjustment by potentiometer
  • Zero Adjustment Range- (-0.5mV/V to + 0.5mV/V)
  • Span Adjustment Range- (0.4mV/V to 3.2mV/V)
  • Simple Installation- Can be snap mounted onto DIN rail or screw mounted
  • Specific DIN Rail Configuration- Spring clips and a recess on the rear housing
  • Spring Clip Terminal Block- No screwing required for wire termination

Additional Information

  • Process Control

  • Process Monitoring

  • Speed Control

  • Dosage Control

  • Limit Checking

  • Load Shift Performance