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What is WinCT© and how do I install the software on my PC?

Windows Communication Tools (WinCT©) is a software application designed to download information from your A&D balance directly into your personal computer, saving you the time and effort of having to manually enter your weighing data and reducing the chance of data input errors.
WinCT consists of three applications: RsCom and RsKey and RsWeight.

You can click on this link to take you to the various weight data capture software options.

  • RsCom:
    This window can transmit the weighing data to the computer using a text file format, and can transmit “commands” to control the balance.
  • RsKey:
    The weighing data is directly pasted into an application such as Excel or Word, but this application cannot use “commands” to control the balance.
  • RsWeight:
    The weighing data can be retrieved from the balance and displayed in graph form on the monitor screen in real-time. Maximum, minimum, average, standard deviation and coefficient of variation values of data can be calculated and displayed.

The below instruction guides will help you to set-up WinCT© on your PC or computer correctly.

Click here for the set-up manual
Click here to read the operational manual
Click here to read the Guide to WinCT Software and how to check PC Com Ports